Shuqin Technology : Further Cooperation with Factom


Recently, the operation entity of——Shuqin Technology Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Shuqin) has signed a further strategic partnership agreement with Factom to promote the cross-border interation between both two sides. As early as in 2016, and Factom have reached a strategic cooperation intention to jointly promote the development of Blockcchian underlying technology. And for this time,  both parties will have a deep learning and exploring in application layer of and the bottom products of Factom, then to further form the co-operation with business interconnection and combination technique.

Factom also said that Shuqin is the customer who uploading the maximum amount of data on Factom chain except itself. Relying on the technical support of Factom, Shuqin has completed the key projects like China local stock exchange, big data, etc. And cooperated with Qianmai for the judicial identication, which means Blockchain electronic data attestation won the first approval of  justice on judicature layer. On the one hand, Factom will apply a more comprehensive identity management and on-chain data feedback service to perfect the underlying technology service. On the other hand,  Shuqin will also provide the business practice to support the upgrading of basic technology and the deploying of demestic alliance nodes.

Factom is an infrastructure service provider for recording, verifying and auditing based on Blockchain, and stores the world’s data on a decentralized system. Using blockchain technology for smart contracts, digital assets and database integrity. The core technology that enables company to interact smoothly with data, improve efficiency, and make better decisions. And Factom software can plug into the existing systems with proven technology that can be deployed quickly and adapt to any domain. The application of Factom has far exceeded the scope of recording and management, and is being ued in copyright, education, taxation, government services and some other fields.

As for a China local blockchain enterprise, Shuqin is devoting to solve the practical problem by blockchain technology with the core business on the financial service. as the first product in electronic data attestation, applied the distributed and decentralized characteristics of blockchian technology to provide the one-stop service for enterprises and personal. Big data exchange centre as the core project, using blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and safety of data sources, and achieve the transparency of chain-trading, then to realize the goal of real-time traceability for the data sources and trading information. Meanwhile, using blockchain technology as the underlying infrastructure, then building the value Internet operation ecology about “ 1 chain, 1 web, 1cloud, 4 platforms” to realize the synchronizing flow of online and offline information.

For this further cooperation,  Factom offers full technical supports, woking with Shuqin in the advanced blockchain technology and fast developing field to open up a new world.  Shuqin is actively promoting the landing of big data project, and the large amount of data will be recorded on Factom chain, which can provide the data support for global Blockchain developers, then further promote to build the intelligent on-chain data trading system with transparency and integrity.In future, Shuqin will keep cooperation with Factom in technical and commercial fields, to accelerate the innovation of blockchain technology, promote the upgrading of products, perfect the construction of platform, then working for a efficient and safe financial service platform, further to build and maintain a honesty digital world together.

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